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Retrocpect Hangs on Restore

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Trying to restore a job from 12 years ago, backed up on Retrospect V. 2.? I think, and OS 7.5. from a DDS-2 tape


Here's my setup:

Macintosh G4 1.2 GHz (MDD)

ATTO ExpressPCI DC (w/ firmware 1.6.1)

Hewlett Packard C1533A tape drive


At first, I had trouble getting Retrospect to "see" the tape drive; but then I terminated it, and now it "see's" the drive itself.


I go through the restore procedure, insert the tape, it goes to the restore window, but the "grow" bar never progresses.


I left it for hours, but it never restores the files.


Could this be a termination issue?


software/firmware compatibility?


thanks in advance for your help.


Ken Sluiter

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Could this be a termination issue?


software/firmware compatibility?

Yep, maybe, yep. Not to speak of faults with the SCSI card or the tape drive, etc., etc.


You don't say what OS version you're running. The Express DC is an old product with no support beyond OS 10.3.x. If you're running Leopard or Tiger, that's likely the problem.


If you are still running Panther or earlier, try downloading the latest driver and firmware updates from the ATTO website.


As long as you're not using SCSI ID 0 or 7, the actual ID shouldn't make a difference, but it's easy to try different IDs. Is the DDS drive the only device in the SCSI chain?


How are you terminating your SCSI chain? Internally in the HP drive, or externally? If the latter, is it active or passive? You might try different terminators and cables. By the way, what type of connectors are on your cables? With the high-density types of connectors having all the thin wire pins, it's possible to mash one or more of the pins if they're not aligned correctly upon insertion.


How long has it been since this DDS drive was successfully used? Can you get it to work on a different computer?

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