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R 7.5 doesn't believe I'm an admin and won't run


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I got Retrospect 7.5 for my new computer because I wanted to be able to "duplicate" (and compare) files, rather than create backup sets. This worked great on my previous computer with a previous version of Retrospect which I used and loved for years.


So I've installed Retrospect 7.5 on my Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) HP Pavilion computer, but it doesn't run correctly. If I right click and "run as administrator" it asks for my name and password, and then rejects them and says they are wrong, even though I've entered them correctly dozens of times now to no avail.


If I choose to simply click and try to run that way, it erroneously claims that I'm not an administrator and therefore it won't be able to do things correctly. Sure enough when I try to perform "Duplicate" actions anyway, it performs something (not sure what), and winds up with errors every single time, which show in the log. The number of errors is either 1, 2 or 3 every time.


Since there is only one account on my computer, and since it is an administrator account, and since I'm the only person who has ever used the computer, I fail to see why these problems exist.


Oh, and to add insult to injury, the Update function doesn't work.


I am a loyal customer, who has used a previous version of Retrospect for years with no problems, and am extremely disappointed with this mess. Perhaps, though, there is a simple fix that will make this program usable, and prevent a dustup over whether or not you issue refunds, etc.

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Thank you for your quick response. According to the program "About," it is 7.5.285.


On the CD it says:


----- BEGIN QUOTE -----


Retrospect 7.5.285

Win Client 7.5.116

Mac Client 6.1.130

Sun/Linux Client 7.5.112


----- END QUOTE -----


So, apparently when I bought this, and your website and Amazon stated that it was compatible with Vista, apparently I was supposed to somehow know that "it is compatible with Vista" actually means it is NOT compatible with Vista?" Why would you do that to your customers?


And again, the update function doesn't work to try to grab 7.6. And to try and update manually, I'd have to be able to figure out which of the various 7.6 items under the Win section of your update page was the right one. Something that is made more difficult by the non-consumer-oriented tech speak offered with each 7.6-ish Win item.


What do you suggest?

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Thank you for the clue as to which of the three 7.6-ish items was the actual program that I needed to download and install.


I did that, and things seem to be working so far. I appreciate your VERY fast responses.


Thanks much for making my decision to continue with Retrospect a good one! I'm very grateful to be able to continue "duplicating and comparing" my important files. This is an incredibly useful feature for someone like me.

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