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Normal backup not recognizing previously backed up data

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I have a problem where Retrospect won't do an incremental backup of a NAS drive.


Each time a Normal Backup begins, Retrospect begins backing up ALL the data on the drive even though a full backup of the drive was previously written to the same catalog and backup set.


I am using Retrospect Backup 6.1.230 on a G5 running Leopard Server 10.5.4. I am backing up to an LTO-3 drive connected via SCSI to the G5.


The matching options in my (Normal) backup script are set as follows:


[color:green]Checked[/color] - Match source files to catalog

[color:green]Checked[/color] - Don't add duplicates to backup set

[color:green]Checked[/color] - Match only same location

[color:red]Unchecked[/color] - Use attribute modification date when matching


Several firewire drives connected to the G5 back up incrementally without problems (using the same script that backs up the NAS drive), so I'm pretty sure the script is configured correctly.


The NAS drive is a LaCie Ethernet Big Disk and the G5 connects to it via ethernet using SMB. We don't connect via AFP because it was giving us some permissions problems, so that may be related to the backup issue.


Anyone have thoughts on why the LaCie drive won't back up incrementally?

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Anyone have thoughts on why the LaCie drive won't back up incrementally?

My guess is that the shared volume is presenting the files with different attributes, most likely time stamps. I've seen this before, and comparing with the "ls -l" command in Terminal confirmed that files that were not touched would have random difference in their time stamps.


You can compare what's on the Backup Set with what Retrospect has Marked/Matched for backup:


- Immediate->Backup->Source:YourSMBVolume,Destination:YourBackupSetFoo

- Click on Files Chosen

- Select an appropriate file: Get Info


- Reports->Contents->YourBackupSetFoo->YourSessionFoo->Browse

- Select the same file as above; Get Info


Check the times; if the NAS is changing times, Retrospect will think the files are different.



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