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Changing password in Linux Client


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Recently and employee left and took and changed the client passwords. I have been able to unstall and re-install clients in windows in order to reset the passwords; however, when I do this in Linux (using the RPM) I am prompted for a first use password on install, but when attempting to connect from Retrospect it does not accept the password that I just set.


Any thoughts on how I can do a more clean uninstall/reinstall of the Linux client?

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It's probably too late for you, but in 7.0, you can change the password by just removing the state file (usually at /var/log/retroclient.state). Then cd to

/usr/local/dantz/client and run retroclient with the setpass option:

./retroclient -setpass


Hope this helps someone.



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Thanks for the tip!!!! I had an old Linux client that had not been backed up in a long time. And the client had been removed from the Retro server under clients even though the retro daemon was still running on the client. Anyways when we tried to add the client back it would not take our default retro password! your instructions allowed us to reset the password on that client... Thanks again!

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