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Can't Install Retrospect

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We have an Xserve 2.8 Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 4GB RAM on MacOS X Server 10.5.4.

I downloaded Retro-EN-6_1_230.dmg from the EMC Site.

The dmg mounts to a volume "Retrospect 6.1".

Within that volume I see a file "Install Retrospect".

If I doubleclick it, nothing visible happens.

I see the icon of "Install Retrospect" in the Dock.

Activity monitor shows me "Install Retrospect" as "not responding".

In the log file I see the process ID of "Install Retrospect" as monitored by _spindump.


What ist the way to install Retrospect Workgroup on our server?




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"Install Retrospect" is a VISE installer application, written by MindVision and customized by EMC for installing Retrospect.


If you copy the application out of the disk image and onto the local drive, is there any difference?


You might consider booting the server into Safe Mode to see if it works; there's no reason for this application to crash on startup.



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