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EMail Issues


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Does anyone see anything in the log content below that would explain why I'm getting and error 591 email address?





soctSetThread: socket thread now 0x7c0


smtpOpen: connecting using port 19,202


soccOpen: socket send buffer size is 65,536


soccOpen: socket recv buffer size is 65,536


soccCallback: connected


smtpWait: "220 vms173001.mailsrvcs.net -- Server ESMTP (Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2-6.01 (built Apr 3 2006))"


smtpOpen: connection established "vms173001.mailsrvcs.net"


smtpSend: "EHLO Della"


smtpWait: "250 SIZE 20971520"


smtpSend: "AUTH LOGIN"


smtpWait: "334 VXNlcm5hbWU6"


smtpSend: "Q3VydC5FbWljaHMuU3R1ZGlvQHZlcml6b24ubmV0"


smtpWait: "334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6"


smtpSend: "R29lc1RvMTE="


smtpWait: "235 2.7.0 LOGIN authentication successful."


smtpSend: "MAIL FROM:"


smtpWait: "550 5.7.1 Use fully qualified domain name"


smtpSend: "RCPT TO:"


smtpWait: "503 5.5.0 No MAIL FROM command has been issued."


smtpDoSendMsg: RCPT(RCPT TO:) expected 250, response 503


smtpSend: "QUIT"


smtpWait: "221 2.3.0 Bye received. Goodbye."


soccRecv: connection closed cleanly


soctPreDispose: maximum queue depth was 1


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Verizon.net customers have reported problems using Retrospect for email notification. I believe Verizon is either using a different email port then Retrospect can use or it is using a different level of security that Retrospect can't use. You may need to use a different email domain

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I'm running into the same problem. It appears from the release notes that as of version 7.5.285, smtp messages are sent on port 587 vs. port 25,


I've verified that if I configure my email client to send to verizon.net on port 587 it fails. Sending on port 25 works fine.


How do I configure Retrospect to send on port 25?



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One other interesting tidbit. The entry in the log file confused me for a while:


smtpOpen: connecting using port 19,202


What I eventually realized is the data being reported is the bytes representing the port number in network byte order (big endian) while x86 uses little endian, a minor code problem somewhere. In other words:


19,202 = 0x4B02


swap bytes and


0x024B = 587 (the smtp port it's attempting)


I also found that verizon's mail exchanger (the host that receives email from other hosts) is relay.verizon.net (simple dns lookup on the mx record). If I configure retrospect to send to this host, it tries port 587 which appears to be blocked, then falls back to port 25 which succeeds.


I don't know how long this will continue to work, but it's a temporary work around.

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