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Possible bug in Retro 7.6.111


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Hey all...


I think I may have found a pretty obscure bug in Retro 7.6.111 that prevents an administrator from doing *any* restores. Here's what happens, and how to reproduce:


When a password-protected Retrospect Server crashes and is relaunched, the system may ask if scheduled backup jobs should be run. The system then prompts the user to click Continue or Stop. However, since Retrospect is password protected, any clicking brings up the enter password dialog. After entering the password, the Continue/Stop dialog does NOT go away, and stays on the screen until Retrospect is quit. Backup jobs continue to run, however.


The problem, other than an annoying dialog that won't go away, is that whenever a restore is attempted, Retrospect always cancels the restore. The problem appears to be that the rogue dialog box assumes the role of whatever operation the administrator is trying to perform. For example, when doing a search on a backup set for restore, the title bar of the dialog turns to "searching". It then proceeds to cancel the search.


The quick fix is to exit and restart Retrospect. However, when multiple terabytes of data are being moved into the backup server, restarts of the Retrospect software is not always an easy option.


Robin, any comments on this would be most appreciated.

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Hey Robin...


Sorry about the confusion. When I say "crash", I mean the dreaded assertion errors, when you come into work in the morning and see the "Retrospect has encountered a serious error and must be shut down...send this to EMC" dialog. When Retro is re-launched after the crash is when the issue crops up.

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