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My drives keep being marked to be skipped


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On our servers we service at work we swap out backup drives periodically (usually at least on a weekly or bi-weekly basis). I check the backups remotely before and after we swap the drives. What I've noticed a lot lately is that backups are not running. When I check the properties on the backup set "skip this member" is selected. Of course, de-selecting this makes the backup run normally, but it can be a day or two before this is even checked if we get busy. What is causing Retrospect to select this. Are we doing something we shouldn't?

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They are members of different backup sets. Our method is to stop the drive that's in the computer, swap it with an off-site backup and carry the drive that was in the computer off-site for storage until our next scheduled visit.


Retrospect is set to automatically groom the drive based on the default settings.

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