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Retrospect client telling me I have not backed up


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This is more annoyance than anything but since upgrading to 7.6 (from 7.5) I am getting a daily dialog box message:


Retrospect Client

"You have not been backed up since Tue, Jul 22, 2008. Contact your backup administrator for more info"


Backup is working normally, the date is when I upgraded. I cannot see any way to supress the message.

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Did you install the Retrospect Client software on your backup server my mistake?

Sounds like you did then.


The Retrospect Client does not appear in the Add / Remove programs list and I dont think I installed it. It is there as a service, can I just set it to manual and stop the service?


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I'm also having this issue. I'm backing up one Mac laptop to an external drive. I must've installed all of the software. Does someone know exactly what I need to run with this configuration? I'd assume I need the engine and the console but why wouldn't my Mac need to be running the client in order to connect to the engine? If one of these isn't needed on my configuration, can you provide links to info on how to remove the ones that need to be removed?


Also, in this configuration, if I remove the client, will I still get a warning message if the backup doesn't work for a few days with the local setup?


In general, I've often found the software install process for Retrospect confusing (even since 6.0). There are 3 pieces (engine, console, client?) and Retrospect should give an explanation of what each one is and what situations need each piece.

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What version of Retrospect do you have, and what platform is running the Retrospect program?


Your post seems to imply that are running some version of Retrospect for Macintosh, and, because you mention "engine and the console", it seems that you may even be running Retrospect 8 for Macintosh.


This is the Retrospect for Windows forum.


I suggest that you repost in the Retrospect 8 for Macintosh forum, here:

Retrospect 8 for Macintosh forum


By the way, your problem is that you have installed the Retrospect client on the same machine that is running Retrospect, and the client is giving the error message. Uninstall the Retrospect client (you don't say how you "remove the Retrospect client" - you need to run the uninstaller) and you will be good to go. Retrospect client is only for installation on networked computers that are backed up by the computer running Retrospect itself.



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