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Anyone used G-Technolgy drives?

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After having my second backup LaCie firewire drive fail in 5 years, I'm ready to switch manufacturers.

Has anyone used any of the the G-Technology drives with firewire interface?



I was thinking of the 2 TB G-RAID2. They are considered pretty rugged in the video world.

This is with Retrospect Server 6.1.230

However, they are not listed in the "approved drives".

Thanking anyone for feedback.

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There is no need for approval when storing a File Backup Set on an external hard drive. Any quality drive/enclosure combination will do. The product you link to uses Hitachi hard drives; if you are comfortable with buying your drives from the enclosure vendor, then that product line looks to be reasonable quality (personally, I'd want to shop for the actual drive model, as manufacturers usually have full lines of drives; I'm brand loyal to Seagate with their five year warranty and server grade offerings).


But think twice before using a simple RAID 0 as a place to store your backups. Multiple physical devices increase the chance of device failure, the same way a twin engine airplane is twice as likely to loose an engine as a single engine plane. But unlike a twin engine airplane that can make an emergency landing on a single remaining engine, if you loose one member of your disc array you loose all the data the RAID contains.


This doesn't mean that you should not ever do it; just consider having secondary and tertiary backups in place as well.



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Ah, got it. I understand the problem with Raid 0 now for backups.

Actually, the two LaCies that failed were those early Big Disk Extremes made up of 4 different drives. Probably only one drive actually failed...

I'll try the single drive G-Technology models. They are used a lot in pro video for field backups, so have a good reputation.

Thanks for the prompt response.

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