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Problem changing from Server to Client


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I have two computers that used to be in two different places. Each one had Retrospect Professional. Now, they are both on the same network. I uninstalled Retrospect Pro from one of them and put on the client, as I want to back it up over the network. Whenever I try to set it up from the computer with Retro Pro, it asks for the Server login. But I've removed Retro Pro (server) from that computer -- it should only have the client on it now. What do I need to do to totally get rid of Server on it, and have it present the Client login?




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Automate > Manage Scripts > (select script) > Edit > Sources > (navigate to Windows network) > (client computer is shown) > (click on client) > (login box shown):


Enter Network Password (title bar)

Server Login

Server: (computer name)

Volume: (blank)

Connect as: (fill-in text box)

Password: (fill-in text box)


The server (Retrospect Pro) has been removed - I should be seeing a login box for the Client. The client seems to be properly installed on the computer.




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