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Tape backup crashes mac

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I've just started using Retrospect 6.1.138. I have a Mac G4 with the (physical) hard disk segmented into 4 (logical) hard disks. I've managed to backup 2 of the hard disks to 2 partitions of a Western Digital hard disk via firewire. So, I'm confident that I'll be able to backup the other 2 hard disks onto the other partitions of the WD external hard disk.

But, I don't have confidence that the WD disk will be there if/when I need it! The reason is that the partitions of the WD hard disk show up on my desktop sometimes but not always. So far, I've been able to make them appear by restarting, but the intermittency concerns me.

I'd like to backup to tape, and I now have a HP Surestore DLT 1 tape drive, also know as a Benchmark DLT tape drive. HP does not have a Macintosh driver for any DLT drives , but Retrospect lists it as a qualified backup device, so I hope it will work. I have an Adaptec 7881SCSI bus controller PCI card for connecting between my Mac and the HP Surestore tape drive. That tape drive shows up in my system profile and in the list of recognized devices when I launch Retrospect.

However, when I try to backup one of my hard disk to the tape I encounter an error that crashes my Mac. When I restart, I see an error message something like this: CPU Caller 0x0051CD7C SCSI Adaptec 7881 Max S/C segment exceeded.

It's possible that the SCSI card could be the problem, because I've read that the Adaptec cards are no longer supported by Retrospect. But, that's not obvious, because Restrospect recognizes the tape drive, when using the Adaptec SCSi bus controller.

So, if anyone has an idea as to why an attempted tape backup should crash my Mac, I'd appreciate hearing it!

Glenn Haste

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