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Can't read file "xxxx" error -43 file/folder not found

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I'm receiving multiple entries stating the following in my Retrospect server log:


Can't read file "xxxxxxxxx" error -43 file/foldernot be found.


Key points:

1) We have around 20 MacBook Pro clients where this is happening to varying degrees

2) I run fsck on all of these machines weekly, there are no directory issues reported, including today when I checked

3) These errors just started, we have been going for months without any errors

4) I created an entirely new backup set and then started a fresh backup just to test, no change

5) I have verified that the files referenced by Retrospect ARE present and executable.

6) Files range from word docs on desktop folders to cache files, emlx messages in /inbox.mbox for local mail.app clients and so on.. no consistency.


System info:

--Backup server is an xServe 8core running 10.5.4 server. Backup set resides on a external drive connected via USB 2.0

--Clients are MacBook Pro's running 10.5.4 client. As noted above, fsck weekly, no issues then and now.


So... I can backup most files without these errors so it wouldn't seem to be network related. I tested this on an unused machine and users aren't moving files either during backups. FInder says files are there and yet -43 means files aren't where the finder says they are. Normally I'd chalk this up to a fialing hard drive (or even 2...3) but 20? Sorry but not going for 20 bad hard drives in perfectly functional MacBooks ;)


So my question is what else could it be? I wouldn't think it is an issue with the USB backup drive connected to the server, everything in the server log talks about not being able to find these various files (It must be finding them during the scan stage since it references them though)?


Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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