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Retrospect hangs trying to analyze catalog file for grooming


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I need to groom an MS-SQL backup set and am having one helluva time doing it. It hangs when I let it run proactively, it hangs when I try to schedule a groom job, and it hangs when I run a groom job manually... Retrospect window turns white and stops responding and the Windows task manager shows two Retrospect applications, both not responding, and it will hang for literally a week at a time if I let it (I end up having to end task on them so I can continue backups for the other clients.)


This is a dedicated backup server, Windows 2003, 4GB of RAM, two dual-core CPUs, with Retrospect Multi-server 7.6.111. (Incidentally, it looks like Retrospect only ever uses one core, as my CPU usage never goes above 25% even when it's obviously pegged and unresponsive.) I have rebuilt the catalog file several times to no avail. Catalog file is only about 30MB, so I don't know why it would take so long to process, especially after being newly rebuilt.


I read something in another post that might indicate a corrupted .rbu file due to ending task on the application? But I can't search for "rbu" in the forums because it's only 3 letters long... and the word "corrupt" gives me way too many unrelated results to sift through... not sure where to look any more.

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yeah, I knew it was one of those 3-letter words ;)


thanks, I didn't see the google field before, I've been using the built-in search at the top.


I'm almost out of disk space on the backup array, and the transfer set would exceed the available space (pretty much the reason I need to groom - low disk space.) Am I in a catch-22, or can I somehow transfer just the newest snapshots?

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