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Discrepancy between backup and amount of media

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I'm backing up a project to AIT-2 tape.


The files add up to 64.8 Gigs. When I check the "configure backup" section, it shows that I have 5 members each using 8 Gigs.


If I attempt to finish the backup (I had to quit the backup the day before), it shows that I "need to copy" 57.1 Gigs.


It should be more in the area of 25 Gigs (64.8 - 40 = 24.8).


Any suggestions for this discrepancy?


You can see a screenshot at http://idisk.mac.com/heartwoodmedia-Public/retro.png

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Any suggestions for this discrepancy?

You say you are backing up to tape but your screenshot shows a CD/DVD backup set. You aren't perchance backing up to a different backup set than you did the other day, are you?


Assuming that the backup set is indeed the same one, something about the files must have changed since you performed the partial backup on Friday, which would cause Retrospect to want to back them up again.


If you compare some files from Friday's backup with their current versions, are there any obvious differences (size, modification date, etc.)?


What OS version are you running? Are you using ACLs?



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