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Fragile catalogs


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Retro 7.6 Multi Server, running on Windows XP.


One of my backup sets recently reported "Catalog File out of Sync", so I first took Retro's advice to use Tools>Repair Catalog>Update Existing to fix it.


This didn't work.


So I went with the Nuclear Option of Tools>Repair Catalog>Recreate from Disks. This ran for 14 hours, then says "Not enough application memory".




How do I provide more application memory? This isn't OS 9, where you could just change memory allocations via Get Info.


Besides this damaged catalog, I also have another set which says it can't be groomed and needs to be rebuilt. This is a frequent problem, demanding that I rebuild catalogs. What can I do to make these stable? All the time I spend rebuilding them is time backups aren't happening.




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