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"Travan NS" SCSI STT320000N-C (threw belt), reports CRC 'error'


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Though I know this post quite possibly belongs elsewhere, I have posted here as "Retrospect" users are so knowledgeable and helpful.

Using: Retrospect Professional V6.5

Backup Drive/Type/Media: "Travan NS"/Seagate Tapestor/SCSI Internal (Seagate Hornet) / (20GB TR5 Tape)


Details (of problem):

I was performing a file restore, off Travan NS 20GB (TR-5) Tape, using "Retrospect Professional for Windows V6.5".

Contents of tape had been recognized, re-tensioned and had selected to begin restore.

After a time, I wondered why there seemed to be no progress, no drive activity, but drive-light was flashing on-off. No files had been written, from tape to HDD.


I found that the drive-belt had come off, was sitting on top of pulley.


I refitted belt, but now, the tape that was in drive at time, is wound forward (by tape-drive) for a couple of seconds, stop for a second, then wound back for a couple of seconds, this continues and the only way to stop it, even after waiting length of time, is to remove tape from drive when drive is at rest for that very brief second.


Inserting a different tape, which has data, tape-drive will be active for a couple of seconds and stop.


Using (a wonderful little tape-drive program) "Winmt.exe", the tape-drive reports "crc error" - (cyclic redundancy check), this is when I put in tape that was not involved in belt mishap.


If I put the tape (that was in drive when belt came off) back in tape-drive, it will continue to do as stated above, drive will go one way for a couple of seconds, stop for brief second, then the other for couple of seconds. "WinMT.exe" reports: "drive busy", and stays that way.

Obviously something has gone wrong, I don't know what. SCSI termination is correct, the SCSI data-cables, jumpers, terminators etc have no problems.


This tape-drive has had very little work, only written to a total of 10 tapes since new, and only one (complete) restore.


At present, Retrospect recognizes the Travan, knows (if) tape is in drive, but can do nothing useful with it, nor tell me anything. I would not know about the crc-error except for "winmt.exe"


What I am looking for, (of course), is some answer(s) on my course of action and remedy.

(Get a new faster tape-drive is not the answer, though would be nice, this one suits me okay, and is fast enough for my needs, (and was best available I could afford at time)).


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as all the data I require, to restore to my HDD's, are on the TR-5 tapes written to by the Travan. and I was in the process of restoring very important data, that I cannot afford to lose; including the OS. I have an alternative to get an activated copy of OS restored, but not ideal.



Thanks for your quick reply Robin.

Yes, "Retrospect Professional V7.5" owns/has written to all tapes, so no problem there. Comment: I been down that road where Retrospect cannot read, or erase, tapes owned/written by another program (extra reason why I have "WinMT.exe").


You most likely are correct, Travan needs repair, (I think something must have jammed, which caused belt to spin/jump off. Belt has not stretched, was quite firm/tight putting back on, and does not slip (not that I hear anyway!).


Installing OS while Travan is turned on caused "Windows XP Pro SP3" to hang at "Setting Desktop settings", Please wait... , at least I believe so, as turning Travan power off, no problems with Windows completing Setup.

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Did you use Retrospect when you wrote to this tape? Retrospect can only read Retrospect data.


If the belt came off the drive, then the belt could be stretched out or having other issues that could effect the drive. I would suggest trying the tapes in another drive or having this drive professionally repaired/calibrated

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