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New Storage Device


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We are in the process of moving servers to a co-location site and had all our backups and catalogs stored on a NAS. The NAS is part of a data de-duplication device that replicates synchronizes with another server. All Retrospect backups\catalogs were stored on server DDR-1 and replicated to DDR-2. DDR-1 is now offline and I need to write to DDR-2 which is in sync. I will switch back to DDR-1 in 2 weeks. Without changing the script files to point to DDR-2, i added an entry to the Retrospect hosts file that has DDR-2's IP address with DDR-1's name. From a network\communication standpoint, this is working fine. When my backups go to run, they receive an error that the catalog file is locked.

When I go to Configure - Backup Sets, I see all the snapshots, sessions, and members.

What is the correct way to handle this change?


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