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Backups to Windows Home Server


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Retrospect 7.6.111


I'm trying to backup to a shared volume on Windows Home Server. Every time I try to add the volume either through direct backup, manage scripts or volumes I receive the -1017 error regarding permissions.


So I then added a separate USB device to the server (set to unmanaged), set up security & sharing through the (baseline) Win2003 server GUI and tried that without success in Retrospect.


I can attach to both the shares manually through Explorer fromm various systems without any problems using both the Admin and user login ID. But whatever I try with Retrospect it does not work because it will not accept the user names & passwords.


Has anyone managed to backup a client to a WHS system using Retrospect?


[And, yes, I also backup from within the WHS backup module to duplicated drives on the server but I want two separate backups for peace of mind.]


Thanks - John

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I should have mentioned I had first tried all the suggestions found in the forum. In all cases it either reports error -1017 or 'The provided login information is not correct'.


Although not used with v7.6 this used to work OK when backing up to a true Win2003 or SBS2003 server volume.


I suspect it has something to do with WHS but hoping there is a workaround.


Thanks - John

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