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Is Verification needed ?


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Hi Guys,


I have switched the verification off my backup.

It was on "Thorough verification".

My backups are now being completed in less time (as you would expect)

But, is this option important to have on ?

Is it just a file comparison check against what your backing up and your backup set - incase files have changed during the backup what your backing up



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Yes, the verification is just another step which compares the original against what you have just backed up.


I run my backups with this set to off for client backups as we do several different backups throughout the day. With important stuff like exchange (for example) I leave verification ON as valuable data may be corrupt and I'd never know (until I tried to recover it!)


So basically, you can run with it on or off, you have to weigh up the risks yourself to whether it's worth saving the time or being assured of data integrity.


It might be worth spending some money on beefing up the hardware if this is being maxed out... (rather than turning verification off)



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