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Ability to Reference Another Set?

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I searched and could not find, but is there any way to reference another backup set within a new set? This would help with not backing up data twice. I could not find a solution but I heard this was possible.


The old set's catalogue was corrupted when the power failed as a backup was occurring. I read there is no way to fix it and, although we can see and restore the data, the rebuild has failed several times half way in.

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Sorry, I missed that part of the post.


You don't say what actually happens when the catalog rebuild fails. The power failure has caused a missing end of data marker. This might help: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=6439&p=2


With a bad EOD marker, you should stop the rebuild before the bad part of the tape. You can then add new tapes to this set.

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Thanks for the help and the link.

Currently, it is a 12 tape set with each tape about 100GB. It's a DLT VS160 tape backup device. The rebuild failed on tape 8 with the 'Resynchronizing (slow)' message and the again failed cataloguing 500GB from that one tape over a day.

I could probably update the catalog one tape at a time and make a safety copy the catalog file after each tape, but is there any way to skip a tape in the rebuild? The 'update catalog' seems to only want the next numbered tape? It took days to get to tape 8. if I could skip it and try copying the data over later it would be beneficial. But, if I can't get past tape 8, it would be a waste and I may as well start a new set.



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I think if you stop the rebuild and save the partial catalog when it hits "Resynchronizing (slow), you should then be able to perform an Update Existing Catalog with the subsequent members.


When you perform any catalog update, Retrospect will ask for a particular tape member. If you follow the above steps, it should ask for member #9, but if it asks for #8, just say that the member is missing.


I assume that your recent power failure occurred while writing to tape member #12, so you will probably have the same difficulty when you get to that tape, and you will need to perform a similar workaround.

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