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Backup Set & Disk Change

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I have had a file server fail and have replaced it with a new disk and restored files to it.


My problem is that my backup set is still looking for the old disk and subvolumes. (The backup set is about 200 Gigs.)


Any ideas how I can point the backup set to the new drive and subvolumes or create a new backup set without having it re-backup all 200 Gigs of the existing set?


Thanks for any ideas.

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I have had a file server fail and have replaced it with a new disk and restored files to it.


Although you don't say it, it sounds as if you replaced the physical drive and have rebuilt it (with Retrospect and perhaps other efforts) and now need to continue to back it up as you had been.


You don't describe how your backup is configured; whether Retrospect is running locally on the machine that has the new drive, or if that machine runs Retrospect Client software to send its files over to another machine.


But in either case, much has changed with the new equipment. First, as you've noticed, Retrospect's Volumes Database tracks subvolumes with a unique ID created by the operating system; when you changed the physical disk drive, any such ID numbers become invalid (or wrong). Retrospect can't use Subvolumes on a new physical drive without you re-defining the folders you want to use.


After you've Defined your Subvolumes on the new drive, you'll need to, as Robin said, update your scripts to use those new Sources instead of the old ones that are no longer available.


If you are backing up to the same Backup Set that you were using before, it's entirely possible that Retrospect will be able to Match files that are already in the Backup Set to unchanged files that are on the new drive. But, it is also entirely possible that when you Restored/rebuilt/copied/rearranged/etc the files to/on the new hard drive, one or more of the attributes that Retrospect uses to track file changes might have changed. If so, Retrospect will consider the file(s) changed and copy them again.


You won't know until you have Retrospect scan the volume against your Backup Set. Do this by setting up an Immediate Backup, and click on "Files Chosen"



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