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Proactive Polling slow\stalled

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I am using Retrospect Server version 7. For the past couple days the polling of the sources kind of stalls. I have about 50 clients and normally it will go to the next client in @10 seconds if they were backed up. No wit akes @45 minutes. Nothing has changed on the server\ or network. I have stopped\started retrospect numerous times as well as rebooted the server. Any help would be appreciated.

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We are running 7.0.265, Retrospect Update

It is a Windows 2003 Server, 2GB RAM and I have 12.9GB free on the C drive.

It is also only backing up 1 client at a time even though I have it set to allow 5 executions. I think the slow polling is why only 1 executes at a time. I cleared the Backup report and it's still polling slow.

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