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File vs. disk backup set


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I have a 120Gb USB 2.0 disk for my backup device. With Retro Express, I was using the "File" backup type to store multiple savesets on the disk. However, I found that there was a *major* performance issue when doing an incremental backup to the same set: for a large (18Gb) saveset file it would take about 1.5 hours for Express to apparently extract the catalog data to a temp file on the same disk before it would actually start backing up any new files (which would often take less than a minute).




Is it OK instead to use this disk for a "disk saveset" backup type? This way the catalog would be kept separately on my C drive and incremental backups should proceed much quicker. The only issue is if I can have multiple disk backup sets on this same external hard drive. Is this possible? Does this sound like a better way to go? Can I still use the disk for other non-backup files storage?

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