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Restore neverending.

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I am restoring an 8 tape AIT2 back up. Each tape holds 50gb, when restoring it gets to tape #2 and it is neverending, I left it overnight and when I came in the next day it said it had restored almost 800gb of data! The tape machine was still running. I tried a re-catalog but when it gets to tape 2 it does the same thing, sits overnight with a neverending re-catalog.


I any ideas whats going on? It's not compressed data. Its all mp3 files that are already compressed. My iTunes library



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OK, try this:


Go back to Configure> Backup Sets and write down the date and time that tape #2 was first written to; the same for tape #3.


Then perform an Immediate Restore, searching for files and folders between the above two dates/times. Use as your restore destination an empty folder on one of your local volumes so you can easily see what does and does not actually get restored.


When the Searching & Retrieval window appears, does the total next to Files Chosen equal 43.1 G?


Click on Files Chosen. From the Browser menu in the menu bar, select View Options and choose Sorted Files-No Folders, Sort by Size, Display Name-Size-Backup Date. Are there any anomalies here, like a huge file and/or a file with a negative size? If so, try unmarking those anomalous files and then perform the restore.


If, on the other hand, you found no obviously anomalous files above, I'd suspect there is a bad section on the tape. Change the view options to "sorted by backup date." Unmark everything and then mark a file or two that are very late on this tape. Try restoring these files to see if Retrospect can search past the bad section and get to the desired files.


If this works, you may have to restore what you can from this tape by piecemeal. (For the bulk of your restore, you should mark tape #2 as "missing" so that it gets skipped in a complete restore.)

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