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One file never compares


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Recently (possibly since updating my Nvidia drivers) I always get one file that does not compare. The file is always C:\Windows\Help\nvcpl\nvwks.chm. This happens on more than one backup (ie one to disc, and one to DVD).


See the following log as an example:-



+ Normal backup using Disc Backup at 07/09/2008 16:55

To Backup Set Disc Backup...


- 07/09/2008 16:55:18: Copying System Disc (C:)

07/09/2008 17:10:53: Snapshot stored, 160.3 MB

07/09/2008 17:11:16: Comparing System Disc (C:)

File "C:\Windows\Help\nvcpl\nvwks.chm": didn't compare

07/09/2008 17:12:37: 1 execution errors

Completed: 473 files, 971.2 MB, with 72% compression

Performance: 803.7 MB/minute (910.4 copy, 728.3 compare)

Duration: 00:17:19 (00:14:54 idle/loading/preparing)


I am running Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1, and Retrospect Professional 7.6.111 with Hotfix

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It's possible that this file contains logging information or something else that in the 17 minutes it takes to back up your files has changed since the backup was taken. I wouldn't worry about that too too much. Check the timestamps on that file and see how frequently it changes size and modified date.

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