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Retrospect does not see tape... but it is right there.

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I am trying to recover an entire disk. I have it backed up on an Overland Tape Lib. It backed up last night and then the RAID died this morning. When I try to restore the data, it goes thru the motions and then say "Insert 1-Week 1" Tape. It is right there in front of it. It also sees 2- ,3- ,4- and 5-Week 1. All the tapes it needs to restore the data. When I move the tapes around it does nothing but keeps asking for 1-Week 1.


Mac OS Server - 10.3.x

Retrospect 6.1.230

It has been working fine for the past 3+ years with no problems.... until now.


Thanks for listening

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By "worked" do you mean that you have done successful test Restore operations on a regular basis, tests that include a Restore from this tape?


- What kind of tape drive in the library?

- What is the firmware/driver of the SCSI HBA ?.


Every time the backup was asked to recover a file, it did. I am guessing about a dozen times. Test recovering files worked too.


Right now I am rebuilding catalog from the tapes to see if it will recover files. It looks promising so far.


Not able to see look right (rebuilding catalog) now but I think it is a LTO.

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