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Formac "ProRaid II SCSI" compatib.

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I upgraded to Retro Workgroup 5.205 under OS 9.1, but had to downgrade again to 4.3A because of bad SCSI throughput. I use a Formac "ProRaid II (formacSA1)" SCSI controller with Rom v. 1.5.7 and two sony DAT-tapedrives STD-9000 and the TSL-9000.


Our dedicated backupserver is a G3/350 ROM v. $77D.45F6, boot rom 1.1f4.


Are there any known incomatibility issues with that cofniguration? I could not find any Info, if the Formac controller is supported with Retro 5.205 on OS 9.1.




Thank you for reading this.

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