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Failed Disaster Recovery


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Running latest version on Retrospect Pro.

Experiensed a hard disk crash on my Llaptop the other day. I was fully confident, though, that Retrospect would come to my rescue. But Jeusus was I wrong!


Repaced the two hard drives and inserted the bootable Retrospect DVD into the laptop. Installation of Windows XP SP2 started up wonderfully. After a while the laptop restarted and after a while a was looking at the EMC Retrospect Disaster recovery application telling me that: "Can not find the...". After a while it got to me: Retrospect is not able to recognise my external USB 2 hard drive that actually held the full hard drive backup. So, I sad to myself, It's the same old story. Disaster recoveries NEVER work. There will always be some minor problem that will prevent you from fully recovering your data.


The strange thing about this is that XP recognized the USB device during the initial disaster recovery phase.


So how did it end? The usual way! A full system installation. From the very beginning of course.





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Retrospect does not include or support a bootable DVD. Retrospect does supported a bootable CD image burned from the Disaster Recovery .iso creation process.


The bootable CD installs a very simple version of Windows that may not have access to all device drivers including USB. You can boot from the CD a 2nd time and a full install of Windows will run, giving you access to more storage devices.


Worst case, you can follow these steps:




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