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avoiding .snapshot dir

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We have a NetApp filer model FAS3020. This unit makes automatic snapshots of the stored data at regular intervals storing the snapshots in a folder labeled '~snapshots'. We are trying to also make a basic backup of the data using Retrospect 7.6 and want to avoid backing up all the snapshots.


At present we have a script that ignores the ~snapshot folder, but it does not get around to ignoring that folder until [color:red]AFTER[/color] it finishes scanning the volume. During the scan it cycles through all the snapshots which takes an extremely long time ([color:brown]up to 6 hours[/color]).


As a temporary fix we have developed an external script that first tells the NetApp filer to hide the snapshot folders; then after the backup script has run another script turns the snapshots back on.


Is there some way to make Retrospect look at the exceptions list [color:red]BEFORE[/color] it scans? If it would do that our backup time would be shortened from 3 days to several hours.

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Retrospect must scan the entire source you have selected. The selector gets applied after the scan.


If the volume is accessed using the Retrospect Client Software (it would be a volume located on a Windows or Mac client), then the Retrospect Client control panel has a option to ignore specific directories from the scan.

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