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Proper way to use Recycle backup

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I am using Multi-Server version 7.6.111 on Windows Server 2003.


Currently I keep a rolling 5 weeks of backups with a normal (full) backup taking place on Sunday and that backup is appended each of the subsequent 6 days.


I have backup sets created for each week and each server being backed up. Backups are done to 4 eSATA disks attached to the backup server.


I have been manually 'recycling' the backup set for the week about to begin and this is a pain. I tried to create a script that would recycle all of the upcoming backup sets and put it on a 'every 5 weeks' schedule for each one. However, when it launched for the first time it failed because I did not select any source volumes.


I really don't know what I am supposed to select as I'm not wanting to actually back anything up with this script. I just want to recycle the backup sets before the new week's scripts begin. I want them erased essentially to make room for the new week.


Any guidance is appreciated!

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