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Slow with compression

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Hello, I just deployed a new backup server and have found that with compression enabled, a backup runs at 1/3 the speed as with it disabled. I would expect it to take longer, but is this typical? I also notice only one cpu core being used, but only about 60% usage. The files it is backing up are mostly large (up to 1.5GB or so) photoshop and tiff files.


With compression off, performance is 1,800MB/min, with it on it is around 400-500MB/min. 300mbps and 90mbps lan usage respectively.


The backup server is win 2003 with 2 quad core 2ghz xeon cpus, 4gb ram, and is storing the backups on a 10TB 3ware based array, and is connected to the network via 2 gigabit connections ("teamed" via LACP). It's running 7.6 multiserver.


The server it is backing up is win 2k a single dual core 2.8ghz server connected with 2 gigabit connections (LACP as the other). It is a file server only.





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