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Retrospect Client 6.2.229 for Mac

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We have 4 Mac with Retrospect Clients 6.2.229 another with Retrospect 6.1


2 of those macs toggle the radio button to "Off" of their Retrospect Client after a few minutes.


Despite attemp to change some other item to force a change in the pref file (I hope), those 2 Mac reset themself to "Off" when we reopen the applications 10-15 minutes later.


Result; backup are not perform on those 2 Mac.


What is going on (and bad...) ?



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This is a bug in the 6.2 client that some users see. You can try to uninstall and reinstall the client. If this does not fix the problem, you may need to revert to the 6.1 client on those computer until we fix the problem. This bug is a very high priority for us.


What type of Macs do you see the problem on?

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Robin, I am have a lot of difficulties with this client. We have 17 Macs, all running Leopard. There are G4s, minis, iMacs, iBooks and MacBook Pros. The last Mac I upgraded to Leopard, had the 6.2.229 client installed and it wasn't recognized by Retrospect on the server v. 6.1.230. I was told to upgrade Retro on the server to this. Once that happened, none of the other Macs were recognized so I put the 6.2.229 client on. Now only the last Mac upgraded is the only one seen by Retro. I have tried reinstalling the older client and it works on some but doesn't always stay connected. In the meantime, we are unable to be backed up. Can I downgrade the Retro on the server and use the older client? Linda

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