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I don't understand the pricing scheme


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The website took my license code and "recommended" I pay $650 for an upgrade. I don't get it. Isn't this about what 5.6 cost? What kind of cost break is this?




Also, I am confused about multi-server / single-server. It appears that single-server is just like multi-server, with the exception that it will not back up network shares. Is this true? I sure hope not. I got tired of Microsoft jacking me for big bucks on the cost of simple network share servers, so I moved everything to OpenBSD/Samba. If I have to pay the multi-server price to back up my network shares on my OpenBSD/Samba machines, I'm not going to be very happy...




Will someone please tell me the upgrade price from the 5.6 server product to 6.0 single server, since the website is incapable of doing this?

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I went to




but was unable to find any upgrade pricing. Can you please give me the URL?




The other thing is the website is either highly misleading, or highly confusing. On the product overview for mutli-server, they talk about all the things that are really pay-for addons, but they don't mention that you have to pay extra for them. You think this might be cleared up on the features page, but the word "add-on" isn't even mentioned on the page. Proactive Client Backup, Disaster Recovery, Open File Backup, Exchange Agent - all mentioned as Features, so I would think they would be included in the $1100 price. But those features are also mentioned on the Add-Ons page, and run an additional $2050!




Also, the webpage seems to imply that Disaster Recovery works with the SERVER ONLY. This was a feature that was built into 5.6. Now this feature alone costs as much as 5.6. If I just do the non-addon upgrade, I'm actually losing functionality, aren't I?




I still need my original question about the capability of backing up network shares answered. The Matrix at




is unclear on this point.



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Go to http://www.dantz.com/upgrades/ to get upgrade pricing.




Disaster Recovery is built into Professional; it says so on the product comparison page, http://www.dantz.com/products/wincompare.html. Also, if you upgrade from 5.6 to either server, Dantz claims you'll get Disaster Recovery as part of the upgrade. (See http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=professional&Number=11862 for more details.)




- Gary Palter


(Just another Retrospect user)



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Gary -




Thanks for the reply, but you are talking mostly about the professional version. My interest lies in the server version. Melissa's reply to you in that forum was vague, since it was the Professional version forum and not the Server forum.




I did go to the upgrades page to get pricing, but after typing my code it, it only gave me pricing for upgrading to multi-server, and didn't mention Disaster Recovery (or anything else much, for that matter). It did not give any upgrade pricing for upgrading to single server.




I agree with your post about the Linux stuff. It is really silly to count a Linux box as a server only. Workstations can serve and Servers can act as Workstations, so I don't quite understand why the pricing is broken along these lines. It should break along this thing they call "line-of-business application backup".

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The link above contains a hint about the Disaster Recovery being free for 5.x server version upgrades.




It would be great if there were an easy-to-find webpage about this somewhere. The link included in the email I got about the upgrade today (http://www.dantz.com/60_jump2.html) is pretty mute about what is included in the upgrade and what is not.




It is my suspicion that


5.x workgroup --> 6.x singler server




5.x server --> 6.x multi server


And I guess it makes sense. That means I'm stuck with a $650 upgrade bill. I can't really find anything that compelling about the new version to upgrade from 5.6, though. It would be nice if they made a webpage that explained what the new features are (besides the addons) and what bugfixes have been done.

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There is a HUGE compelling reason to upgrade for many people - v.6 allows backups of Linux machines and Mac OS X, along with all the Windows stuff. I'm upgrading because I can now upgrade ALL of the computers in our business with one server, one app, and it's completely automated. Well worth it to me.




Just thought I'd give a little perspective. We're upgrading from Server 5.6 to multi-server 6.0. I've been using the 6.0 beta and have had no trouble with it.





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As far as I can tell, for a majority of 5.6 users, the MacOSX and Linux capabilities are pretty much the only reasons to upgrade. That is why, for me, the new pricing is like cold water in the face. Besides being the best backup on the market for small business, 5.6 also had the best value. Now that isn't as much of a factor, so it becomes tougher to make a case for it when trying to make recommendations to other admins.




5.6 is already pretty complete, feature-wise, for a small business. About the only thing I would like is Disaster Recovery for any machine (not just the server), and Restore on Demand so users don't have to come get me to do it for them. Neither of these appear available in 6. I realize that Disaster Recovery might be tough to do for every OS, but if it can be done for WinXP/2k servers, it should be able to be done for WinXP/2k remote desktops without too much hassle, I would think.







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