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Error Message -1017 when grooming the backup set


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i've got a big problem, i can't thin out my backup set. It always ends in the following error messages (translated from the german error message):


-grooming of Backup-Set XYZ failed, Error -1017 (Access rigths not sufficient)


-Catalog file of Backup-Set XYZ can not be compressed , Error -1 (unknown)


I could understand the Problem, if i would have no access to my NAS drive (the problem of many other users) but i have full access, the backup process itself works fine.

I've rebuild the catalog file last night but still no success.


My System:

SBS2003 Server

Retrospect SBS Premium 7.5.324

NAS as Backup drive


Anyone with the same problem?


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Well, about the older version - never change a running system. But now it`s not running properly so i could make an update soon :-)


The catalog is saved onto the same NAS. Free disk space should be about 1.5TB and yes, i've rebuild the catalog twice but nothing changed.

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