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live update of local files to ftp server

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bear with me. i'm a long time retro user but this is rather outwith my (limited) knowledge.


i want to have our files in the audio folder of a current nuendo project uploaded to our ftp server. not at the end of a session though, each time we record a new file i want the previous one to go up, so that by the end of the recording we only have one file left to upload.


i've tried using transmit's 'sync folders' function and it works but requires a user prompt for every new file. is this something that retrospect could do?

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FYI, the only version worth working with is the python version. The other versions are junk, and will give you problems every time Apple does an update. See:

Retrospect python event handler


If you have difficulty getting it going, post back, or search for my username and python in these forums for instructions.


We use a heavily modified Retrospect Event Handler to stop/start certain services on our Xserve on either side of certain backup scripts.



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