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All but 2 Macs not recognized

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Retrospect does not recognize all but 2 of the Macs


What exactly does this mean?


I suppose one could safely assume that you have Retrospect OS X Client software installed on "all" of the Macs (although making assumptions is a poor start to providing accurate answers). But perhaps you could take some time to describe your exact configuration (what Retrospect version on the Leopard clients, how that software was installed, etc), make clear what errors you get and when you get them, what hardware might have changed (taking at face value your report of no software having changed), etc.

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I installed the 6.2.229 on all the computers, all of which are using OS 10.5.4. Retrospect on the server is v. 6.1.230. No hardware has changed. Now only one computer is recognized, the original one I mentioned. This morning I uninstalled then reinstalled client 6.2.229 on my computer and restarted. My computer was immediately recognized and I reset the client info for my backup. Then, while I was sitting there looking at the Backup Clients on Network window, my computer disappeared.

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I'm no network specialist, but could the problem be with linking the network via Floating IP address numbers instead of Fixed? I've seen power outages knock network settings for a loop before. An icon will be visible for a few seconds because the link is still there from last time, but when the network refreshes, it goes bye-bye.

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