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job control during server run


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While the server is running, I should be able to pick a machine/volume from the list and tell retrospect to immediately service that machine. I should be able to do this in one right-click, even if retrospect is currently backing up some other machine. This is important if an employee is leaving on a business trip and they want to get their laptop backed up right before they go, but a different job is already running.

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Whilst i dont need what is suggested above I'd like to be able to amend my


script once it has started running by adding clients, reordering them, changing


selectors etc, which would take effect on the next machine in the list


and also a skip this machine, so if it has been taking too long i could


kill it (possiblymove it to the end of the script to allow it another chance at


the end of the night)




(running win multi-server)

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