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Feature Request - Daily Report

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We currently have Retrospect notify us of errors only (which is fantastically handy). The only other option seems to be 'send email for successful runs' which I think would be just so much noise in most cases.


What might be nice (and what I would like to request) would be some more options along the lines of "I'm still here and working" notifications. The one that comes to mind might be a daily or weekly report mail, sent on a schedule, so that every morning we get a "I ran 6 backup jobs in the last 24 hours, no errors". This, I think, might help to keep Retrospect's status in our minds (since it generally runs quietly and reliably in the background) and the absence of the morning's mail might plausibly be a warning that Retrospect had failed totally.


For instance, let's say the Retrospect machine simply got unplugged, without notifications of failures we would think it was working till we needed it. If we had it send success notifications for every run it would not be long till we'd all filtered that directly to our junk boxes (either with our email clients or just mentally). But if there were a daily or weekly report, we might notice it gone... before we needed to restore something only to find that someone tripped over the power cord three weeks ago, etc.



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