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Can't Open File Backup... Error


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I've been successfully using Retrospect scripts to backup 2 PC's to a NAS for 8 months. Recently Retrospect has stopped working on 1 PC.

As soon as the script starts to Execute it get's hung up "Preparing to open file backup" with an Events Error of "Engine" category & "terminate unexpectedly". The only way to resolve the issue is to delete the waiting scripts & stop the hung up script (trying to execute). I then have to use Win Task Manager to shut down the frozen Retrospect.


The PC with the Retrospect issue had been unable to install a .Net Framework update. So with MS support's help, I uninstalled/cleaned all .Net Framework from PC and reinstalled .Net 1.1 & .Net 2.0. The original .Net issue appears to be fixed (Win update works OK). However a graphics application which requires .Net still will not run. Is it possible the Retrospect hang issue is caused by .Net remove & install?


What's my next step?javascript:void(0)



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