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error -644 "sorry can't save configuration"


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I am seeing (twice now) "Sorry, can't save configuration, error -644 (chunk file damaged during access)" but retrospect isn't crashing and it doesnt appear that anything else is going wrong... Should I worry about this?


I am using retrospect 7.6.111 on windows server 2003 SP2.

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It doesn't happen consistently though, it's only happened twice so far over about a week, and if I remove my configuration then no backups will run so wont I have to wait several days to see if it happens again during which time no backups will be done? I'm not sure I can afford to wait and not be running any backups just to see if I get a positive result...


Lets assume that the config files ARE corrupt, how do I fix that?

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Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the new "application data" folder will have no scripts, no clients, no knowledge of my existing backup sets, etc.


So by doing this we may prove that my configuration files were corrupt but we aren't fixing them, we're throwing them away and creating a huge amount of work to recreate them.


Lets assume they are corrupt, is the only way to correct this problem to completely rebuild them from scratch?

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In case a Mac OS user gets to this topic... It will tell you the corrupted pref "Retro.Config (6.0)" by name. It is in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect. Trashing it will require you to locate your serial number and don't panic about missing users/lists/etc. Restore the prefs from your last backup (as suggested above). You DO backup that folder right?

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