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difference between 6 and 5.6?

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hi: first-time poster, long-time user of RSpect from 1.0 Mac through 5.61 Windows.




I'm confused about the difference between 6 and 5.6, other than the availability of add-on modules to perform open-file backups, etc.




Is there any reason to pay $649 to upgrade to 6 if I wasn't also intending to add on the additional modules? This seems like an extremely steep version upgrade, since it's greater than the MSRP of 5.x.




Is there anything exceptionally improved in the basic 6 version over 5.6 that would justify that upgrade price?




It's also not clear if the upgrade includes support or not, and now that there's no free support of any sort (short of this forum), I'm less likely to purchase the upgrade.




IMHO, Dantz always offered outstanding products and support at half the cost of "the other guys"...but the new pricing and support structure seems to have just raised the costs to be in-line with Dantz's competitors...what a shame.

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