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Random files missing after restore


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After suffering a hard drive failure I did a restore from my Maxtor ext HD. Restore completed but there are a large number of files missing. These seem to be random in terms of date, alphabet etc. In many cases the folder name has restored but is empty or has very few files. After reading posts on this forum I have have tried rebuilding the catalogue both with the original Express HD 1.1 and with a trial copy of Retrospect 7.6. 7.6 gave warnings that some early *.rdb numbers are missing although as I mentioned some of the missing files are recent. My backups were always complete i.e. not incremental. Any advice on anything else I can try or are my files gone for good? Thanks in advance.

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If you have missing .rdb files, then your backup has somehow become corrupt. Either someone deleted those files manually or something at the disk/system level caused those disks to be deleted. As a result your restore will be incomplete.


You can go to Files Chosen when doing the restore and see if the missing items are displayed.

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Thanks for the response Mayoff. A mistake on my part. My ext HD filled up a year ago and I mistakenly thought that since I was doing full backups all the time, I could delete old *.rdb files. What is the correct way of dealing with a backp set that gets too large for an ext HD? I didn't see any options in Retrospect Express HD 1.1.

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