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New Mac clients? Do they work with Jaguar


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the readme for Retro 6 says:




Mac OS X Clients: Retrospect 6.0 does not work with the previous version of Mac OS X client software. To add existing Mac OS X clients to Retrospect 6.0, uninstall the old client software, then update the clients to the latest version by running the client installer on each Mac OS X client computer. Retrospect for Macintosh users will have to "forget" the old OS X clients and add the new OS X clients to the clients database, as well as to any scripts that included the clients.






Does this mean that there's a newer client than 5.0.528?




If so, does this client (A) work with Jaguar and (B) work with Retrospect 5.0.205 on OSX 10.1.5?








- Steve

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1) Yes, the Retrospect Client for Mac that ships with 6.0 is newer then the client that ships with 5.0 for Mac.




2) Dantz is currently developing a copy of Retrospect and Retrospect Client for Jaguar. An announcement will be made when Jaguar compatible versions of Retrospect are made available.

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