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multiple Event handlers

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I have 2 Retrospect Event Handlers I would like to use and jhave got them to work individually without problems. They are the Qm Pro Server backup script and the email notification for Eudora, OE or QuickMail.




The event is stored in the Retrospect Preferences folder but they cant both be in there at the same tiem if they have the same name !.....obviously !




Is it o.k. to rename one of them and by doing this will they still work side by side o.k. ?




Retrospect v4.3 mac.




Many thanks.

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Hi Seb,


You can't have to REHs unfortunately. Someone out there can check me on this, but I believe it works like this: when Retro launches it looks into the prefs folder for an app named "Retrospect Event Handler" and launches it. If you have a second one named "Retrospect Event Handler2" it will get ignored.




This doesn't mean you're out of luck. You CAN have one REH script handling different events. Don't ask me for help with the AppleScript code, but if you bring both your scripts into a single AppleScript app, you can have the effect you desire.

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