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LTO-4 Autoloader

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We're in the market for an LTO-4 autoloader to use with Retrospect for windows, but searching around the device compatibility database doesn't turn up many options.


The Quantum Superloader 3 looks like what we want... I see that you've certified the Quantum SAS LTO-4 HH, and you've certified the SCSI version of the Superloader 3. Can I assume that the SAS autoloader with the certified drive will work?


How about the Dell Powervault 124T with the LTO-4 option? I think it's a rebranded Quantum...


Are there any LTO-4 ~16 slot autoloaders that you fully support?



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OK, after a more thorough look through the device compatibility db I'm guessing the answer is that there are no supported LTO-4 changers. Fine- we can live with LTO-3.


I see that the Dell Powervault 124T LTO-3 is supported. But Dell has two LTO-3 drive options: LTO-3 and LTO-3-060, the latter being a half-height drive.


Are they both supported? If not, which is?



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Hi Mayoff,


Any eta on supporting SAS devices? We bought a LTO4 library that uses SAS. Initially we contacted EMC about purchasing the drive and was told it was supported but it wasn't explained that did not include SAS. I realize the list is out there but since we were contacting directly we didn't check. So now we have a 7.6 system that looses the library on a consistent basis and jeopardizes our backups. We opened a case and were told you were working on driver update? I'm hoping this will be resolved quickly or we may need to look at another product.



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