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Retrospect Crashes Selecting "Subvolume"

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Hey Everyone!


New to the site. I hope to find some swift help today.

My Retrospect 6.1.230 on OSX Server 10.5.4 (Quad Intel) crashes every time when I select the subvolume buttom for my main hard drive.

It does not crash when I select subvolume for any of my other drives.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, erased and created new scripts with no success.


Any suggestions?

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Have you run a disk check on the drive? It is not normal for this to happen and I think something in the system or on the disk is causing the crash.


Restart with the Shift Key held down to go into safe mode. See if the crash still happens.


What do you mean by "crash". What exactly happens?

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Here's the solution!!!


I finally called costumer service and they helped me resolve the issue. Retrospect has a permissions conflict with the main hard drive. In order you by pass this and prevent the crash that was occurring, I had to select the ignore ACL check box in the Special Preferences.


Hope this helps people in the future!!


Thanx to all!

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