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7.6 upgrade is slower

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Backing up to an ext. hard drive and have been for years. Files have not changed radically from the last day of 7.5 to the first day of 7.6. Local and client backups over a 1Gbps net work. Should be faster, not slower. It finishes at 5pm now. I am getting so much pressure about the length of the bkups that I am considering ripping this out. Kinda frustrating since the newer version should be faster. Something is amiss.

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We've switched from the the former 7.5 to 7.6. I've compared the performance between them and so far, doing a recycle backup, they seem about as fast. This goes for our Windows based Developers, Servers, Office systems and Mac workstations.


Mind you, we do not compress these backups (faster) as storage and its speed is not an issue. Furthermore we use the MD5 compare feature. This saves a lot of time when doing a verify.


Some time ago I had a similar issue where performance seriously dropped after an update. It turned out to be a problem with a network driver. We reinstalled the network driver and performance returned.


You also might be able to get more performance by setting up a different backup strategy. For example I'm now doing two large backups in parallel. Each backup is to a different (for Retrospect local) discs. The bottleneck now is the network connection the the offsite Retrospect backup server, which is a gigabit connection. I have a throughput up to ~2000 MB/min. not counting the verify and idle stuff. Especially Mac OSX clients are very fast. Our windows based developer workstations are the slowest. But they have an extreme amount of small files.


Hope this helps.

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