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Linux client wants activation code


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I have a Mac Server running version 6.1.126 and it is working fine. I just installed the new client 7.6 on a new RHEL 5.2 installation and when I try to connect it with my Server it asks for an activations code, what does it mean activation code. I have not used activation codes for years with my retrospect server. What does it want, where do I find it and how do I make it work?

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I have a similar Situation to above but have not been able to fix.


I have two retrospect servers running 6.1.138 for Mac on a Tiger Server 10.4.11 backing up around 50 clients both PC and Mac.


I have installed a Retrospect Client for Red Hat Linux 7.6.100 (.rpm) which is listed for Software version 6.1 on a redhat box and keep getting "Invalid Activator Code. Check your list and try again. I have never had any trouble adding any other clients.


Is the download link to the wrong version?

when I test the connection connection prior to adding, it states version 7.6.100 should it say 6.1.X?


Thanks for any help in advance



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