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I wanted to make a tape backup of an external drive that I used as a Time Machine on another computer.

Selecting the 700,000 files took about 5 minutes, but the Scanning process after that is taking hours and hours. I had to abort (actually kill Retrospect) yesterday so I could do a regular backup. I tried again today, just to see if I could recreate the problem.

Anyone else have this problem?


Running Retrospect 6.1.126 on 10.4.11 Server.

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Whether or not the drive was used earlier as a Time Machine should not make a difference, no?


Yes (or is it "no, it should not not make a difference...")


When Leopard prepares a disk for TimeMachine use, it does something special to the HFS+ file system on the disk (I think it's allowing hard linking of directories, or multi-linking, or something equally over my head).


If you're going to continue to use that disk for TimeMachine use, you probably aren't going to have good luck trying to get Retrospect to scan the entire thing. Putting the non-Time Machine items into a top level folder, and defining that as a Subvolume, and then using that as your Source, would allow Retrospect to avoid scanning your Backups.backupdb directory entirely.



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